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Questions & Answer

Here are a few short answers to the important questions

Fahren & Maut

Driving & Toll

Do I need a truck license to rent a motorhome?

Most of our vehicles can be driven with a class B (old 3) driving license, i.e. a car driving license. You can find out more about this in the rental conditions.

Do I have to pay tolls?

Yes, in Portugal the motorways and some expressways are subject to tolls. Don't worry, all vehicles are equipped with electronic toll collection. Just drive and enjoy.  The fees are collected using electronic systems and depend on the route traveled. The stations and motorway routes are marked accordingly. The stay between two toll booths is limited to 12 hours. If this time limit is exceeded, double the fee will be charged for the longest possible route to the payment point/exit.

How many kilometers are included in a rental?

Our rental price always includes 250 km per rental day. From 14 days onwards we will remove the kilometer limit: all kilometers are then included. If you need additional kilometers for rentals of less than 14 days, we are happy to offer you an additional mileage package.


Is the rental vehicle already with dishes or bedding  fitted?

Our vehicles are fully equipped. Ready to go Service  Apart from your suitcase and your personal toiletries, you don't need anything. Everything is clearly prepared.

Are all rental cars equipped with heating?

All of our rental cars are equipped with a combination of heating and hot water systems. (see vehicle details)

Can I also use the awning as rain protection?

The awnings on our rental cars must always be retracted in windy and bad weather. Even if these keep out light rain, the awning can tear in heavier rain. In strong winds there is a risk that the awning will fall over.


Do I have to pay the deposit in cash?

As a general rule, we do not accept the deposit in the form of cash. The deposit will be reserved on your credit card, so your credit card limit is reduced by the amount of the deposit for the time of the reservation. Detailed information can be found in the rental conditions.

I would like to rent a specific vehicle, is this possible?

You always rent exactly the vehicle you see in the pictures. (Exception in case of unavailability due to accidents or damage)

How old do I have to be to rent?

The prerequisite for renting and operating the rental property is a minimum age of 21 years. Both the renter and all drivers must have held a driving license that is valid in Europe and is required to drive the rented vehicle for at least one year.

Rent extras

E-bikes / e-scooters

We work with a local e-bike / e-scooter rental company. On request we will organize your bike for the duration of your trip. Costs are shown separately. The bikes can be carried in the garage.

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